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What is an Airtrack? The AirTrack. A relatively new phenomenon that has been bouncing up in popularity over the past few years. The interest is still on the rise today and slowly making its way to become a must-have for every gym. But what is this new equipment and why is it so special? In this article we’ll understand the basics and benefits of the AirTrack. Thousands of lightweight Threads An AirTrack is the evolution of the old inflatable tumbling tracks everyone knows and loves. The AirTrack however, is being held together by thousands of little lightweight threads that run from the bottom to the top....

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How unbox your brand new AirTrack Congrats on your very first AirTrack mat, now it’s time to unbox and set it up! To start with, you'll need to open your box, if you're using a sharp tool, like a knife, be careful not to cut deep or hard, because you can pierce a hole in your brand new mat. In the box Your AirTrack comes with a safety manual, a repair kit and an air pump. The box also includes a pressure gauge to help you find the right air pressure in your mat. Setting up All you need to do...

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