Unboxing your Airtrack | Airtrack India

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Unboxing your Airtrack | Airtrack India

How to unbox your brand new AirTrack

Congrats on your very first AirTrack mat, now it’s time to unbox and set it up! To start with, you'll need to open your box, if you're using a sharp tool, like a knife, be careful not to cut deep or hard, because you can pierce a hole in your brand new mat.

In the box

Your AirTrack comes with a repair kit, an air pump, a safety manual and warranty card.

Setting up

All you need to do is to unroll the mat. Once done, you'll se a valve on the side of the mat to help you inflate and deflate your mat. This air pump is a two-way device. One side helps you inflate the mat with ease, and the other one helps you deflate the mat with ease.

The mat has two sides, both having the ability to tumble on, but one side has an inch-thick center line. The mat has rubber handles on its sides to help you carry it with ease. Another interesting feature on the mat is the velcro on each side that helps you attach another mat with it.

Once inflated, your mat is ready for your stunts. Enjoy your stunts and take care of your safety!