Q   How long does it take to inflate an Airtrack Product?

A    All Airtrack Product are inflated within 4 minutes thanks to our high performance blowers.

Q   Is there a chance of damaging an Airtrack Product by over pressurizing it?

A   No, the extreme pressure needed to actually damage an Airtrack Product can not be reached with the blowers we supply nor the exercises you would do on it.

Q   24 Hours after inflation the Airtrack is not hard enough anymore, do I need to repair this?

A    Airtrack are not designed to maintain their pressure overnight. Because of differences in temperatures it loses a bit of air and therefore inflating it once per day is not unusual. When you have doubts, please contact us for a professional opinion.

Q    What is the lifespan or your products?

A    Obviously this will depend on how the products are used and in what frequency. A lifespan of more than 7 years is definitely not uncommon.

Q    What guarantees do you give on your products?

A     We give 1 year guarantee on our products. Transport costs are not included. Please check our terms of delivery for more detailed info.

Q    When our Airtrack Product is leaking, how can you help us?

A     A puncture in the surface or damage to a seam could cause your Airtrack Product to leak. For both options we have a solution that is both simple and cheap. You do not have to send the equipment back to us; a repair kit has been enclosed with the product to self assist for repair. Repairs take no longer than 10 minutes.

Q     What is the difference between these Airtracks and the old Tumble Tracks?

A      The new generation Airtracks from the Airtrack.in are very airtight and the pressure can be regulated. Therefore you do not need a big, expensive blower that makes a lot of noise and ruins your training. A small hand blower is enough to inflate even the biggest Airtracks within 4 minutes. Also, the Airtrack resembles the real gymnastic floor much better because it’s flatter.